In December of 2012, approved by China National Ministry of Education, Jiangsu Radio and TV University changed into the name of Jiangsu Open University (JSOU),which had been entitled for undergraduate education and bachelor’s degree awarding. Led by the idea of lifelong education for people of all walks of life,aiming at serving for people’s life-long learning and constructions of learning society, focusing on diploma education with community education and old-age education as the two wings, based on application research and technology development, insisting on the intercommunication between vocational education and common education and effective cohesion of pre-vocational education and post vocational education,Jiangsu Open University had become the public service platform of learning for all and the important supporter of life-long education. In the future 5 to 10 years, JSOU aims at building up into a high-level university with “open, socialized and application-oriented” characteristics, which possesses Jiangsu grade, Chinese characteristic, and Asia popularity.

At present, JSOU is organized in the way of two titles (Jiangsu Open University and Jiangsu Vocational Education College) and one leadership line up. JSOU is also carrying out system running and located at downtown Nanjing,which is a historical famous city with picturesque scenery and is the ancient capital of six dynasties.

JSOU possesses nine colleges in the main campus, which are: Construction & Engineering College, Commercial College, Information & Mechatronics Engineering College, Environment & Ecological College, Media & Design College,Faculty of Public Administration, Educational Institute of Health & Care,International College of Education, and Institute of General  Education. JSOU also sets up secondary collegesof Open University and Vocational Education Collegein the running system of the cities and counties of Jiangsu Province.There are 71 specialties for both undergraduate and college diploma, including management of construction engineering, technology of intelligent building,logistics management, electronics commerce, international trade affairs,accounting, mechatronics technology, software technology, engineering management, cultural industry management, digital media technology, and business English.

There is a large-scale and functional digital library in the university. JSOU have already built up 3 provincial demonstrative practice bases, including Electronic and Computer Applications, Pollution Monitoring and Control Technology, and Modern Logistics Center. There is alsoanother practice base, Environment Engineering Technology, supported by central finance. JSOU have set up six brand specialties and feature specialties, two of which have already been selected as the program of “Support Higher Vocational Schools to Enhance the Ability of Professional Services Industry Development”,supported by China Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance. These two specialties have already passed the acceptance check. In 2015, the specialties of logistics management have been selected as the first-period program of Brand Specialties Construction of Higher Education in Jiangsu Province and establisheda series of provincial excellent courses and text books.

There are 647 members of teaching staff in JSOU at present, with nearly 300 members have senior professional titles. The school now possesses experts who enjoy aspecial allowance by the China State Council, teaching celebrities in Jiangsu Province, middle-and-young experts whohas had special contribution and high level talents who are granted by Six-talented Summit Projects, Jiangsu Provincial 333 programs, and Qing-Lan Youth Talent Project. Most of the middle-aged and young teachers have the overseas experience.

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