Educational Objectives:

This major serves the industries of character design and modern beauty. Following the rule of “Competent, Able to Learn”, we will train the students to be suitable for the work of character design, technology and service of modern beauty. After studying in this major, the students would be suitable for the competence of socialist marketing economy. We hope you to be a applicable specialist talents with creative entrepreneur awareness, professional skills and good professional manners.

Main Courses:

Image Design Aesthetics, Image Design and Expression Technique, Cosmetics Foundation Application, Analysis and Prevention of Skin Problems, Image Color Design, Character Make-up, Hair Design, Comprehensive Training of Facial Skin Care, Creative Design of Integral Modeling, Beauty, Nutrition and Health Care, Chinese Medicine Cosmetology Technique, Hand Care and Nail Design, Professional Image Design, Consultation and Management of Beauty Industry, Physical Beauty Technology, etc. 

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