Educational Objectives:

This major serves mainly for the industries of computer software. This major trains the students to be capable of developing Java software, mobile internet software, and software testing. After training, the students can also master the skills of Java software developing, mobile communication software developing, software testing and management, marketing of software products. This major trains the students to be high-level skilled personnel with ability to adapt to socialist marketing economy and competence, entrepreneurial awareness, good professional skills and manners.

Main Courses:

Introduction to Software Technology, Internet Technology and Application, Programming Fundamentals, JAVA Programming, Software Project Management, Software Testing Technology, Database Technology and Applications, Windows Server Operating System, Linus Server Operating System, Software Documentation, Web Authoring Fundamentals and HTML, JSP Developing Technology, JAVA Enterprise Framework Technology 1, WEB Front-desk Developing Technology, DOTNET C# Programming, ASP NET Developing Technology, Android Fundamentals, IOS Fundamentals, etc.

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