Educational Objectives:

This major serves mainly for manufacture industry and it is the front-line of production, construction, management and service. This major trains students to be compound applied specialized talents with good manners who are creative, entrepreneurial aware, solid professional skills. After training, the students would be able to work in operating, installing, debugging, maintenance and sales in mechatronics technology.

Main Courses:

Foundations of Engineering Mathematics, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Mechanical Drawing, Basic Courses of Mechanics Design, Fundamentals of Mechanical Drawing, Computer Graphics, Detection Technology, Pneumatic Hydraulic Technology and its Application, Electrical Control of Electromechanical Equipment, Programmable Controller Application Technology, CNC Machine Tools and Application Technology, Application Technology of Single Chip Microcomputer, Establishment and Implementation of NC Machine Process Specification, Mechanical CAD\ CAM, Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation and Debugging, Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, Servo and Frequency Conversion Application of Electromechanical Equipment. 

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