Educational Objectives:

This major trains you to be compound applied talents who are suitable for the development of agricultural modernization in Jiangsu Province with basic knowledge and theory on utilization of agricultural resources, agricultural environment protection, safe production and operation of agricultural products, agricultural ecological projects; with the ability of promoting management and utilization of agricultural resources, investigation and evaluation of producing area environment, control and renovation and soil pollution, quality analysis and operation management of agricultural products. After studying in this major, you will be capable of working in the fields of agricultural environmental protection, service of agricultural technology and resources, agricultural cooperation, agricultural products processing and being engaged in the work of management and utilization of agricultural resources, environmental protection of agriculture and rural areas, low-carbon and high quality agriculture construction, and operation and management work of agricultural products.

Main Courses:

Common Ecology, Agricultural Environmental Protection, Analysis of Agricultural Resource Environment, Agrology, Soil Geography, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Plant Nutrition Science, Agro-ecoengineering, Environmental Pollution and Food Safety, Analytical Experiment on Agricultural Resource Environment, Quality Test and Analysis of Agricultural Products, Investigation and Evaluation of Soil and Water, Conservation of Water and Soil, Agricultural Economics Management, Fertilizer Science, Control and Renovation of Soil Pollution, etc.

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