Educational Objectives:

This major trains you with the basic knowledge and skills of pollutionsupervision and governing of water, air and solid waste; as well as the ability of designing and operation management of pollution control engineering, formulating the program of environment and promoting environment evaluation. We will train you to be able to be engaged in the work of environment engineering designing, operation and maintenance of the machines of pollution disposal, environment schematization and evaluation in the workplace of environmental protection companies, municipal corporation, industrial and mining enterprises, downtown waste water disposal factories, environmental supervision station. All in all, we aim at train you to be practical personnel with good manners working at the front line who are suitable for economical and social development of Jiangsu Province.

Main Courses:

General Introduction of Environmental Protection, Analytical Chemistry, Basic of Environmental Protection Facilities, Microbiology of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Ecology, Environmental Regulations and Standards, Environmental Supervision, Waste Water Disposal Projects, Air Pollution Controlling Projects, Solid Waste Disposal, Operation and Management of Pollution Disposal Facilities, Environmental Management and Planning, Project on Water Supply Disposal, Evaluation of Environmental impact, etc. 

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