Educational Objectives:

This major is guided with the talent concept of “wide range, interdisciplinary and strong ability”. Our aim is to train the students with ability of good manners both in thought and in politics, professional ethnics, broad cultural vision, good cultural quality and modern industrial concept. We also aims at to train you to be a compound applied talents with theoretical knowledge of culture, economics and management, as well as the ability of cultural creativity and presentation. What’s more, we hope that you are able to work in the field of cultural market operation, management of cultural industry operation, planning and implement of cultural program.

Main Courses:

General Survey of Culture and Art at Home and Abroad, Theory and Practice of Management, Practice of Public Relations, General Introduction of Culture Industry, Economics of Cultural Production, History of Chinese Cultural Industry, Development and Preservation of Cultural Resources, Creativity and Planning of Culture, Cultural Marketing, Commercial Document Writing, Commercial Model and Cases of Cultural Industry, Policies and Regulations of Cultural Industry, City Culture, Culture and Image of Entrepreneurs , Business Negotiation, Management of Cultural Industrial Program, Exhibition Culture, Management of Exhibition Service, Operation and Management of Venue, Practice of Exhibition and Presentation, Culture of Subject Park, Marketing of Subject Park, Operation Service of Subject Park, Development of Tourism Products, etc.

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