Educational Objectives:

This major trains the person who is qualifying himself for the basic knowledge of management, economics and civil engineering knowledge. After studying in this major, one can manage the theory, methodology and means of modern management. You will also be familiar with the relative regulations and capable of working for program planning, management and operating practice and real estate management in the field of engineering construction. All in all, this major aims at trains the students to be a compound applied talents with solid who are all-round developing in moral, intellectual and physical field and can meet the requirement of science, economics and social development during the 21st century, and also to be talents with solid basic knowledge, wide range of knowledge, good manners, creative and professional development ability.

Main Courses:

Management, Engineering Drawing and CAD, Introduction to Engineering Management, Construction Material, Building Construction, Engineering Regulations of Construction and its Relative Knowledge, Management of Construction Engineering Programs, Economics of Construction Engineering, Contract Management of Engineering Construction, Constructions and Organizations, Engineering Estimate, Engineering Construction Supervision, Quality Test and Trouble Removal in Engineering Construction, Operation and Management of Construction Enterprises, Analysis and Comment of Program Decision, Progress Control of the quality of Construction Engineering, Pricing and Control of Construction Cost, and Analysis of the Cases of Construction Cost, etc. 

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