JSOU Held 2019 Graduation Ceremony

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On June 28, the 2019 Graduation Ceremony was held on Yingtian Campus. Party Secretary Wang Jianming, President Cui Xinyou, other school leaders as well as representatives of teachers, parents, and dormitory administrators, all the students’ counselors, and all the graduates were present at the ceremony. Chen Peng, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection from Jiangsu Normal University was present on invitation. The ceremony was presided by deputy party secretary and vice president Jin Lixia.

President Cui Xinyou gave a lecture entitled “Strong Students Make Strong School; Resourceful Alumni Make Resourceful Alma Mater”. He summarized the achievements JSOU had made in recent years with the efforts of all the teachers and students. It is their efforts and achievements that have made JSOU a strong university. He wished the graduates who would work on new positions to remember their mission and to integrate their personal goals with the bigger dream of revitalizing the Chinese nation. He also wished the graduates to keep learning and keep growing. JSOU would always back them up with open learning opportunities and resources. He then invited the graduates to attend JSOU’s 40th anniversary. 

Jin Lixia wished the graduates to cherish their learning experiences in college and make more contribution in their future careers. 

Vice president Zhang Xiao announced “The Decision of Awarding 2019 Outstanding Graduates”. Chen Peng announced “The Decision of Conferring Bachelors’ Degree to 180 Graduates”. Vice president You Jiachun announced “The Decision of Awarding 2019 Alumni Liaison”. All the university leaders awarded certificates to the outstanding graduates, and conferring degree certificates to the four-year graduates. 

After that, representatives of students, parents, alumni and dorm administrators gave their best wishes to the graduates and hope them to live well, work well and remember their Alma Mater well.


 Cui Xinyou made a speech

Jin Lixia presided the ceremony

Chen Peng announced the "Decisions of Conferring Bachelors'Degree"

 You Jiachun announced “The Decision of Awarding 2019 Alumni Liaison”

 Zhang Xiao announced “The Decision of Awarding 2019 Outstanding Graduates”

Graduates' representative made a speech

Parents' representative made a speech

Alumni's representative made a speech

Dorm administrators' representative made a speech

Teachers' representative made a speech

Representative of Students' counselors made a speech

present flowers to the professors

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