A Team of JSOU Attended ICOIE 2019 in Hongkong Open University

Views:10 Date:2019-08-01 Author:CHEN MIN

Invited by Dr. KC Li of Innovative Education Institute of Hongkong Open University, representatives of Office of Teaching Quality Management of JSOU attended 2019 International Conference on Open and Innovative Education (ICOIE 2019) in Hongkong Open University.

The representatives of JSOU communicated with researchers from Hongkong Open University, Sri Lanka Open University and Indonesian Terbuka University on issues of education innovation, quality guarantee, and sought opportunities for further cooperation. Chen Guangkui, a teacher of JSOU summited his paper to the conference, and made a report at the seminar session.

 More than 200 scholars from all over the world were present at the conference. 6 experts from Carnegie Mellon University, University of Central Florida, University of 0xford, and Peking University made keynote speeches at the conference.

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