JSOU Was Invited to Attend 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference

Views:10 Date:2019-08-29 Author:CHEN MIN

On August 29, 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference was held in Shanghai Expo Center. The Conference themed with “AI Connecting the World with Infinite Possibilities” was by far the most influential conference of AI in China. More than 500 important guests were present at the conference, including leaders from related departments of government, experts from all over the world, representatives from top universities in China, leading enterprises, and international organizations. Zhang Xiao, vice president of JSOU was present at the conference. Staffs of Discipline Construction Division, Information Construction Department, and School of Information and Electromechanical Engineering attended the conference as well.

At the session of “Intelligent Element of Open Distance Education”, Zhang Xiao was invited to make an opening speech. she pointed that the wide application of AI technology in open distance education will have revolutionary influence on its philosophy, system and mode, which provides a key opportunity to improve the quality of open distance education in China. Then she shared some cases of blending AI technology with distance education. JSOU has built a smart teaching environment, reformed teaching methods and evaluation methods, set up smart manufacture academy, and focused on cultivation of operating talents.

With the development of AI technology, the larger-scaled distance education with more individualized learning support has been realized. JSOU will take the opportunity to provide higher-quality education for all learners.



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