Wu Zhongning Discussed with Nanjing Sport Institute about Co-Construction of Credit Bank

Views:10 Date:2019-09-06 Author:CHEN MIN

On September 5, Wu Zhongning, vice president of JSOU led a delegation to Nanjing Sport Institute (NSI), and had a discussion with leaders of NSI on issues of co-construction of Credit Bank. Lan Yaming, Deputy party secretary of NSI, and Li Yongqin, director of Continuing Education College met the delegation and attended the discussion seminar. 

Lan Yaming introduced the history and development of NSI. Wu Zhongning expressed anticipation for cooperation with NSI on building a learning society and constructing Credit Bank Alliance. Other members of the delegation introduced the relative policies and development of the Credit Bank, and the constructing progress of Credit Bank Alliance, and sincerely invited NSI to join the alliance.

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