JSOU/JSCVC Held Commencement Ceremony for 2019 Freshmen

Views:10 Date:2019-09-21 Author:CHEN MIN

On September 21, the Commencement Ceremony for 2019 Freshmen was held on Yingtian Campus. Party Secretary of JSOU/JSCVC Wang Jiangming, President Cui Xinyou, as well as other school leaders, teachers and all the 2019 freshmen were present at the ceremony. The ceremony was presided by deputy Party Secretary Jin Lixia.

President Cui Xinyou addressed the 2,600 freshmen with a speech entitled “Building Strong Body, Living with Beauty”. He encouraged college students to pay more attention to their physical education, enjoy the fun of having sports, and keep a disciplined and healthy life style.

Vice president You Jianchun announced the honor list of the excellent freshmen. Then all the school leaders awarded the students with certificates.

As the representative of teaching staff, Gan Fangqun, the dean of School of Environment and Ecology, shared the achievements of the university with the freshmen, and hoped the freshmen to fulfill their dreams by making advantage of the university resources.

Yang Lei, who graduated in 1999, addressed the freshmen as the representative of alumni. He wished the young school fellows to fully prepare for their future, pursue knowledge and live with a disciplined life.

Zhu Hongping, the representative of the freshmen, said that they would seize all the opportunities to improve themselves and achieve more.

Zhao Minxuan, the chairman of university Students’ Union, led all the students to take a solemn oath, saying that they would remember their mission as students, follow the school regulations, pursue knowledge and truth, keep their promise and contribute to the society.

In October, People’s Republic China will celebrate her 70th birthday. To express the best wishes for our dear country, all the teachers and students sang the song “The Red Flag Flying” in chorus. At the end of the commencement ceremony, Jin Lixia wished all the students to remember their missions as students and compose a new chapter of their college life.













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