JSOU Successfully Held 2019 System College Students’Career Planning Competition

Views:13 Date:2019-06-21 Author:CHEN MIN

On June 19, 2019 System College Students’Career Planning Competition was successfully held on Yingtian Campus. Deputy secretary and vice president of JSOU Jin Lixia were present at the competition.

The competition was themed “Win the Future by Pursuing Career Dreams”, which aimed at promoting the education of career planning among college students, improving their vocational competence, innovative ability, and competitiveness, providing guidance for their values of career and success, and helping them with better employment ability. The competition started in April. After rounds of dropping out and selection, 16 contestants entered the final competition, which consisted of career planning statement, career experience statement and oral defense. The contestants were well prepared, displayed their professional image and their vocational quality and ability, and won applauses from the audience with their excellent performances.

After the competition, Xu Aihua, deputy director of Students’ Affairs Office of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics made comments on the contestants’ performance and encouraged them to better know themselves, stick to their goals, and make explicit career plan with perseverance and lifelong efforts throughout the process of pursuing their career dreams.






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