A Delegation led by Rear Admiral Mou Xianming of Naval Command College Visited JSOU

Views:13 Date:2019-06-18 Author:CHEN MIN

On June 12, a delegation from Naval Command College led by rear admiral Mou Xianming, and senior colonel Li Jiashan visited JSOU. President of JSOU Cui Xinyou, vice president Wang Wei, and Zhang Xiao, and director of science and technology department Sun Xu greeted the delegation.

Cui Xinyou first welcomed the visit of the delegation, and briefly introduced the development, school-running conditions, and characteristics of JSOU, and proposed cooperation in several areas. JSOU would exert its advantages in distance education, and provide service to Naval Command College, Cui said.

Mou Xianming highly appreciated JSOU for providing support for their staff training and spoke highly of JSOU for the rich learning resources and advantages in courses construction. “Naval Command College is the highest academy of Navy army. Both parties will work together for achieving better results by sharing resources and complementary advantages.” Mou said.

Then, Sun Xu and Wan Jianxiong, director of education guarantee department of Naval Command College, signed “Agreement of Cooperation in Distance Education Training”. Both sides had detailed discussion on agreement implementing, and military theory course teaching, etc. Afterwards, more than 60 teaching staffs of the delegation visited the multi-media course production center, and said that the visit gave them more new ideas about course construction.

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