Foreign Language School Held a Doctor & Entrepreneur Forum on the Theme of Industry-University-Research Cooperation

Views:13 Date:2019-04-24 Author:CHEN MIN

On April 22, a Doctor & Entrepreneur Forum on the theme of Industry-University-Research Cooperation was held by Foreign Language School on Yingtian Campus. Dr. Yan Bing, deputy director of the People’s Government Office of Nanjing Pukou District, and Dr. Liu Funing, vice president of Jiangsu Jinnong Incorporated Company were invited as the guest hosts. Zhang Xiao, vice president of JSOU, leaders from Division of Education, Science and Technology Division, and Discipline Construction Division as well as staffs of Foreign Language School participated in the forum.

Dr. Liu and Dr. Yan shared their perspectives on cooperation between Foreign Language School and enterprises by analyzing enterprises’ requirements for foreign language students and training of the talents. Their talks inspired the teachers with new ideas in teaching and researching.

In the communication session, vice president Zhang Xiao spoke highly for the forum and the guests’ talks, and raised requirement and hope for the discipline construction and development of Foreign Language School. Then the leaders from relevant departments and divisions, the teachers and the guests had further discussion and contributed more ideas on the development of Foreign Language School.




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