Students From JSOU Awarded Prizes in the 9th Jiangsu College Students’ Robot Competition

Views:21 Date:2019-01-05 Author:CHEN MIN

The 9th Jiangsu College Students’ Robot Competition was held on January 3 and 4 in East and South University. Students from JSOU participated in the competition of 6 projects including robot ground defense, robot exploration, robot walking race, double robot work station and robot calligraphy, and won two third prizes in ground defense project and double robot work station project. 

Jiangsu College Students’ Robot Competition was set up in 2004, and was co-hosted by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, Jiangsu Association of Science and Technology, and Jiangsu Institute of Automation. The competition provides a platform for college students to practice and demonstrate their creativity, design ability, application of theoretical knowledge, and team work spirit, and has been considered the most widely-recognized, comprehensive, authoritative and influential competition. The competition this year attracted more than 2000 teachers and students of over 700 teams from nearly 100 universities. 

With hard and good preparation since September, students from School of Information and Electrical Engineering achieved satisfactory awards. 

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