Changzhou Open University carries out a new community education pattern for the elderly people

Views:59 Date:2018-03-09 Author:陈敏

On January 12 afternoon, as the communityeducational project base of Changzhou Open University, the “Happy Elderly CitizenCenter” held a New Year poetry party. The senior students from the communitycollege conducted a wonderful performance for the elderly people.

Happy Elderly Citizen Center is one of the communityeducational project bases of Changzhou Open University. It provides servicesfor the welfare of senior citizens in Changzhou city under the pattern of “medicalcare+nursing+educating” for the elderly.

Changzhou Open University has signed contracts withseven community educational project bases in recent two years, one of which isthe Medical Association of Changzhou, who will cooperate with the Happy ElderlyCitizen Center to create a better service pattern for the elderly.

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