English expert in JSOU was awarded the May First Labor Medal

Views:67 Date:2018-03-09 Author:陈敏

On July 28, 2017, right before the May 1st Labor Day, a province-based commendation ceremony was held in Nanjing. Wang Jiong, member of Standing Committee of Provincial Committee, and the Minister of Organization Department of Jiangsu was present and extended congratulations for the awarded collectives and individuals. Xing Chunning, the deputy director of NPC Standing Committee of Jiangsu and the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Union in Jiangsu hosted the conference. 

Christina Nipper, the English expert in JSOU, was awarded the May First Labor Medal. Only two out of many foreign experts working in Nanjing universities were awarded. Miss Nipper has been teaching in School of International Education, JSOU for 4 years. She enjoys a good reputation among her colleagues and students, and makes great contribution to the English teaching and cultural exchange of our university with other countries.

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